The Treatments

Creating beautiful eyebrows to suit each and every face is an art form. And it can only be achieved by consistent professionalism and skill in various treatment cycles geared towards producing precise results.  The treatments you can expect a range from the most basic treatments to advanced ones depending on your needs and the state of your eyebrows.

Our colour Implanting Treatments

Block Brow: This treatment imparts a lot of colour in a defined bladed making the brow very bold and block contoured. The shape, once drawn, is filled up with a block of colour. It gives very dark brows.

Powder Brow:  The powder brow is more popular with the strokes created throughout the brow for a very natural but full eyebrow look.

Hair Stroke Brow: This is the most subtle implantation of colour and is used on women with very sparse hair like victims of alopecia. It is also popular with people with very fair hair. The strokes are very natural looking but not heavy.

close up micro blading
eyelash enhancement image

Our Eye Enhancement Treatments

Lash Enhancement: This treatment gives you a subtle line that runs along the length of your lash line. You can be as dramatic or as natural as you want.

Luscious Liner: Imparting the right amount of eyeliner is a constant challenge when putting on make-up. This treatment allows you to choose the amount of eyeliner you want with a more defined thickness taking several treatments to achieve.

Our Lip Enhancement Treatments

Lip Liner:  This treatment runs a natural line along the outline of your lips for more definition and shape.

Lip Blush: This treatment incorporates the liner above and a little of the lips for a natural-looking pop of natural blush lips.

Full Lip Tint: Women who love to have a bolder lip will love this treatment as your lips remain tinted even after the lipstick is off. The treatment incorporates the above treatments and then gives you a full tint for a bold look.

lip tattoos

Our Meso Vytal Treatment for Anti Aging

This the best treatment for ageing as it rejuvenates the skin and promotes cell growth. The treatment is geared towards regenerating older skin tissue and boosting the growth of new skin cell tissue. The treatment is approached according to your age so there are three treatment options.  It will reduce fine lines, hydrate your skin, and give your skin a youthful glow.

Our Tattoo Removal Treatment

The Eraze tattoo removal treatment is safe, fast, and effective for all skin types and ages. The body tattoos can be removed after 4-7 sessions while the semi-permanent makeup can be removed with one treatment.

Botox Treatments

The rage of Botox treatments has not waned but it needs a professional and skilled therapist to give you the right Botox treatment. The treatment can effectively combat frown lines and forehead wrinkles. It can also be used to curb excessive sweating.

Our treatments at….are provided by highly skilled and experienced therapists who have been vetted and come highly recommended. Their first priority is your comfort and your wellbeing.  The treatments are carried out in accordance with the required regulations and adhere to the safest industry standards.